Frozen Lobster Eggs 100g Blister Pack


We ship within the United Kingdom only. Frozen goods may thaw partially or completely during shipping, this does not degrade quality providing refreezing is immediate on the day of delivery to guarantee 100% freshness and to preserve all-natural vitamins and minerals.

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Lobster Eggs are an essential part of the natural diet of many marine and tropical fish. They are an excellent food for Tropical, Marine, Cichlid and Discus fish. Our lobster eggs contain high levels of highly unsaturated fatty acids and protein.

Various eggs are part of the natural diet of almost all tropical fish. These small orange eggs offer an extremely tasty and nutritious variation in any fish’s diet.

Ingredients: Lobster eggs.

Could be used for these groups of fish: Nano Reef, Angels, Pygmy Angels, Livebearers, Shrimps, Pipefish, Damsels, Tetra’s, Seahorses, Rainbow Fish, Danio’s, Mandarins – Cardinals, Hawkfish, Victoria Cichlids, Cichlids, Soft Corals, Razorfish, Invertebrates, Mollies, Gobies, Barbs, Blennies, Barbs, Rasbora’s, Surgeonfish, Hard Corals, Tanganyika cichlids, Crustaceans, Anthias, Blennies, Rasbora’s, Crabs, Crayfish, Malawi Cichlids, Damsels, Anthias, Clownfish, Butterflyfish, Crayfish, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails

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